Tuesday, 4 May 2010

We ♥ Topshop Make Up!

So excited to see the new Topshop Make-Up range which is hitting stores in May 2010. The range is comprised of Core and Trend Make-Up. The Core Range has bespoke ‘rough and ready’ packaging with cute hand drawn details of spots, stripes, and smudges which were scribbled using the range’s own kohl pencils. Topshop Designer, Lizzie Dawson and the in-house Topshop design team injected their knowledge of trends, colour and textures into the creation of this unique and fashion forward beauty range. The colours are great and I love the nail varnishes.

The Trend Range is a bit more inventive and fantastical that offers countless possibilities for self expression. The result is a collection of imaginative beauty accessories that range from feathered face and lash adornments, to gold transfers, metallic crayons and glitter dust pots. This range will have everyone wanting to play with their make up and try new things....for Inspiration think Natasha Khan.

Core Range prices from £4 – £12 available from May 2010

Trend Range prices from £5 – £15 Limited Edition avail from late May 2010

♥ Amy x

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